IV Sedation or Nitrous Oxide: Which is right for your child?

IV sedation kids dentistWhen it comes to ensuring patient comfort and positive experiences in the dental chair, sedation might be used by our kids dentist. IV sedation and nitrous oxide are two common methods for keeping children comfortable during pediatric dentistry treatments. Since many children are nervous and fidgety in clinical situations, sedation can also help our team work without interruptions so that treatment is not prolonged. Following is helpful information on how these types of sedation work so that you can make informed decisions on your child’s treatment.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is an incredibly mild form of sedation that also has analgesic properties. This gaseous sedative is administered through a nasal mask and its levels can be adjusted with the turn of a dial. The effects of nitrous oxide start to wear off as soon as the gas is no longer administered. Medical and dental professionals have used nitrous oxide for over 100 years and it is safe for use in pediatric dentistry. This form of sedation may be used to place fillings and crowns and when we perform root canal therapy. Sometimes, children with anxiety may benefit from nitrous oxide during routine cleanings and checkups.

IV Sedation

Administered by our kids dentist, IV sedation is a powerful yet safe method for producing an anxiety-free experience that is customized to the needs of a patient. In pediatric dentistry, IV sedation might be used for invasive and lengthy procedures as well as for children who have special needs. Sedating medication is provided through an intravenous line to produce a state of medical unconsciousness. This is useful for preventing children from developing negative associations with medical and dental treatment. It is also beneficial for promoting stillness so that our team can work without obstruction. Since medication is delivered through an IV, it can be quickly adjusted to produce its desired effects.

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IV Sedation: Your Most Common Questions Answered

IV Sedation kids dentistIt can be hard to access kid’s dental care if your child is particularly fearful about visiting the dentist. However, IV sedation at a kid’s dentist can help your child to overcome this obstacle. Before taking advantage of this service, parents may have a number of questions. Here are some of the most common concerns of parents consider IV sedation for their children.

How does IV sedation at a kid’s dentist work?

Pediatric anesthesiologists administer doses of anti-anxiety medications that are tailored to each child’s specific needs. In addition to helping fearful patients, IV sedation may also be appropriate for children who are in need of lengthy, complex interventions when it might be hard to sit still for extended periods of time. Children with a strong gag reflex may also benefit from IV sedation.

How will my child’s safety be maintained during the kid’s dentist IV sedation?

The pediatric anesthesiologists who oversee the IV sedation have expertise in working with children and monitoring their vital signs throughout the appointment. IV sedation also is safer than general anesthesia because the airway remains open throughout the procedure and does not need to be maintained artificially as it does with general anesthesia.

Will my child have any recollection of the procedure after the appointment?

One of the benefits of IV sedation is that children have no memory of the procedure after the sedative effects have worn off. This eliminates the possibility that a bad experience will feed into an existing dental fear.

My child has special needs. Can IV sedation be used for him?

Children with special needs may be even more fearful of getting kid’s dental care, especially if they have difficulty verbalizing their feelings. IV sedation can help to calm them for the appointment.

Could IV sedation help your child get the dental care necessary to maintain a healthy smile? Call our office and speak to one of our experienced staff members to learn more about this treatment option and discuss any more questions you may have about sedation.

Relax and Take the Edge Off with IV Sedation

IV Sedation kids dentistSometimes, children benefit from receiving sedation during oral health procedures to promote a relaxing and worry-free experience. When receiving invasive or complex treatment from our kids dentist, IV sedation can ease the minds of fearful patients and help our younger guests stay calm and still during procedures so that our team can work without obstruction. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive pediatric dentistry services that help establish a foundation of good oral health and increase oral function when necessary.

What is IV Sedation?

Administered intravenously, this form of sedation dentistry involves the administration of prescription medication to improve the effectiveness of treatment and keep patients comfortable during procedures. The type of sedation used during treatment is determined by our kids dentist. IV sedation is typically reserved for lengthy, invasive, or complex procedures.

What are procedures that might involve IV sedation?

Common procedures where IV sedation might be used are tooth extractions, extensive restorations, and oral surgeries.

Is intravenous sedation safe?

IV sedation is used in pediatric dentistry for a number of reasons. When this type of sedation is used, our team follows very strict FDA guidelines and procedural protocols to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality care in the safest environment possible. The effects of IV sedation are quite predictable and can be changed quite easily by adjusting the dose as necessary during treatment. This means that patients will only receive the amount of medicine needed to ensure comfort. During treatment, children’s vitals will be monitored with high-tech equipment and in the event of an emergency, our staff knows how to respond with advanced life support techniques.

Should I ask our dentist about sedation?

If you feel that your child might benefit from sedation dentistry, feel free to bring it up at your next appointment. Children who will be undergoing oral surgery or those with pronounced dental phobias or special needs may benefit from sedation.

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Understanding Dental Anxiety

IV sedation kids dentistDoes your child have an intense fear of clinical or dental settings? Dental anxiety and phobias are quite common among children in the United States. There are ways to help ease phobia and anxiety during treatments. Our pediatric dentistry practice offers a few options for managing dental anxiety. Administered by our kids dentist, IV sedation, oral sedation, or the use of nitrous oxide can greatly improve our young patients’ experiences at our office. Following is helpful information on the types of sedation and their benefits.

Dental Fears and Phobias

Anxiety itself is the result of a chemical reaction in the brain that produces feelings of panic, excessive worry, and intense fear. When a person experiences anxiety related to certain situations or events, it is a phobia. Dental fears and phobias can worsen over time, sometimes leading to complete avoidance of dental treatment in adulthood. Since childhood memories are very important to establishing a proactive approach to one’s health, we offer solutions to help control anxiety and develop positive experiences for our patients.

Types of Sedation

Sedation can be delivered by a few different methods. The most common being nitrous oxide gas, which is commonly called “laughing gas.” Inhaled through a soft nasal mask, nitrous oxide safely and quickly produces a calming effect that also works as a mild anesthetic. Nitrous oxide’s effects come on and wear off quickly.

Stronger sedating methods might be used for moderate to severe anxiety or when a complex procedure is performed by our kids dentist. IV sedation involves administering prescription medication intravenously. When IV sedation is necessary, a patient’s vitals are monitored very closely and the dosage can be adjusted throughout treatment when applicable. This form of sedation helps children stay still during treatment and prevents them from having negative memories associated with tools used during procedures. Sedation administered through oral tablets is an option for controlling anxiety as well.

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Is Sedation Dentistry a Good Option for Children?

IV sedation kids dentistIt is highly recommended that children start to visit the dentist around the age of twelve months. This not only provides the opportunity for a brief exam, but early appointments with your kid’s dental provider will acclimate your child to the sights, sounds, and smells of the dental office. And regular preventative appointments might help to eliminate the need for an emergency visit due to a toothache.

If that first dental visit to treat a toothache is coupled with frightening sounds like a whirring drill, the appearance of a needle used to anesthetize the young patient, pairs of hands in your child’s mouth – not to mention any pain your child might be experiencing – any follow-up visits are going to be tough.

You now know and understand the importance of maintaining regular dental visits. But if your child’s anxiety level is preventing even visits to have teeth cleaned, your child might be a candidate for IV sedation.

A pediatric anesthesiologist will work with your kid’s dentist to provide the appropriate amount of sedation and will monitor your child’s health throughout the dental visit. Teeth can be cleaned and any restorative work needed can be completed. And your child will have no recollection of the appointment. Your child will need to return home and remain quiet for the balance of the day as a groggy feeling will be felt for a while.

This type of sedation dentistry is not just for apprehensive kids. There are children suffering from illnesses and conditions that make sitting still for extended periods difficult, if not impossible. These children also make ideal candidates for IV sedation dentistry.

For years, sedation dentistry was used primarily for surgical cases, but it is now a little more commonplace with availability in dental offices other than oral surgeons. If you know your child suffers from severe anxiety or a physical/mental disorder putting their oral care in jeopardy, parents need to research the availability and discuss their options with their dental provider.

In between dental appointments, you can help to ensure your child’s dental health is maximized by supervising daily flossing, brushing twice daily with a fluoridated tooth paste and monitoring what your child eats and drinks to prevent exposure to excessive sugary treats.

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Can IV sedation benefit a restless or anxious child?

IV sedation kids dentistSometimes receiving pediatric dentistry services can be stressful for children – especially those undergoing lengthy or complex procedures or those with phobias in clinical settings. There are a few types of sedation options available for children including nitrous oxide, oral sedatives, and IV sedation. In a safe and controlled environment overseen by our kid’s dentist, IV sedation can make even the most restless or fearful children receive the oral healthcare they need and deserve. Sedatives can help our young patients overcome fears and phobias while also increasing their level of comfort. Following is some helpful information on sedation dentistry and how it can benefit your child.

What is IV sedation, exactly?

Unlike oral sedatives, IV sedation provides a precise level of calming and relaxing medication that can be adjusted to a patient’s needs during treatment. This is because medications are administered intravenously and therefore act quickly. Sedative medication works with the brain’s neurotransmitters to slow down the central nervous system and prevent the chemical reactions that cause anxiety and nervousness.

Only FDA approved medications and protocols are used by our kid’s dentist. IV sedation is a safe way to assuage a child’s fears, help them remain still, and promote a comfortable experience so that our team can work without obstruction.

What are the benefits of sedation in pediatric dentistry?

The most obvious benefit of IV sedation is the fact that this service can help a child remain calm, still, and relaxed during treatment. Another advantage to IV sedation is that children will not have recollection of their procedures. This is helpful for children who have dental phobias or those who might find the tools and instruments we use frightening. Sedation can help improve a child’s relationship with our dentist because they will not have negative memories or associations of previous treatment.

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The Latest Options for an Anxiety Free Dental Experience

IV sedation kids dentistAnxiety can really put a damper on a trip to the dentist – especially if children have already established dental fears or phobias. To help control stress and fear, our kids dentist offers IV sedation along with nitrous oxide gas and oral sedatives. When administered under the care of professionals in a clinical environment, anxiety medication can make a world of difference for a patient. We believe that kid’s dental care should be comfortable and even enjoyable. Our team makes every effort to ensure that our patients enjoy the highest quality treatment in a family-friendly and nurturing environment.

Dental Phobias and Anxiety

Sometimes it’s hard for adults to understand why children fear their pediatric dentist. What may seem like a run of the mill tantrum could actually be very strong feelings of panic and worry. Strong phobias or anxiety can carry over into adulthood and in some cases, affect a person’s willingness to visit his or her dentist regularly. To help children develop a good relationship with dental professionals, anti-anxiety medication may be used. Since this medication is manufactured specifically to stop signs of panic, sedation can help promote a healthier mindset about receiving dental care and even help children remain still during longer procedures.

Types of Sedation

Depending on your child’s needs and the level of his or her anxiety, different methods or types of medication may be used. Mild phobias during routine treatment may only require nitrous oxide gas, which is administered through a soft nasal mask. Nitrous oxide is safe and FDA-approved for treating mild anxiety and can help relieve discomfort.

For more pronounced anxiety, oral sedatives or IV sedation may be utilized. Oral sedatives are taken about an hour before one’s appointment and help stop the chemical reaction in the brain that causes panic and fear. IV sedation is especially useful when children are receiving lengthy treatment such as a tooth extraction. When administering sedation intravenously, our team can monitor patients’ vitals very closely and adjust the dosage of medication, if necessary.

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How do I know if my child will need IV sedation during a dental procedure?

IV sedation kids dentist Does your child have dental phobias? Perhaps your son or daughter is generally apprehensive about receiving oral health treatment because remaining still during lengthy treatment is difficult, or the sounds of medical equipment makes him or her feel uneasy. Many children benefit from sedatives during treatment. For this reason, our kid’s dentist office offers IV sedation to help promote a relaxing and positive experience for children with fears, as well as those who have special needs. Following is some helpful information if you are wondering if your child would benefit from IV sedation.

Why types of sedation are used pediatric dentistry?

Sedation has been used in dentistry for centuries. There are different types of sedation that each offer unique advantages. Some patients only require mild sedation such as nitrous oxide gas, which produces calming and pain-relieving effects quickly. In other cases, children might benefit from taking a sedative tablet that is prescribed by our dentists. IV sedation, however, involves using anti-anxiety medication that is administered like anesthesia. This form of sedation allows children to receive treatment in a safe, comfortable environment where our pediatric anesthesiologists closely monitor the dosage and effects of anesthesia with the latest technology. IV sedation allows our team to adjust the dosage of medication if necessary so that children only receive the amount of medication required to produce the desired effect.

What are the benefits of IV sedation?

Our kid’s dentists offer IV sedation because it can improve the quality of treatment as well as our young patients’ experiences with our team members. IV sedation relieves all feelings of anxiety and nervousness while placing our patients in a comfortable, sleep-like state. If complex or lengthy treatment is needed, this type of sedation is ideal because it helps children remain still throughout treatment. IV sedation also helps reduce dental phobias since children are sleeping during treatment and will have no uncomfortable memories of unpleasant sounds or sensations.

If you think your child might benefit from IV sedation, we recommend that you discuss this option with one of our specialists. Call our pediatric dentistry practice, Fort Worth Children’s Dentistry, today to reserve an appointment with our caring staff.

My child has a bad gag reflex – can sedation dentistry help?

IV sedation kids dentistDoes your child’s gag reflex make receiving dental treatments more difficult? If so, your child might benefit from receiving sedation during visits to our practice. Sedatives have many applications in dentistry, including the reduction of panic and anxiety and promoting patient comfort. These medications also slow down the body’s natural reflexive responses. This means that sedation can help stop your child’s natural urge to gag during treatment. Our kid’s dentist offers IV sedation to help children with special dental needs, such as gag reflexes and dental phobias, receive quality oral healthcare.

What is IV sedation exactly?

This type of sedation is administered intravenously but does not impair one’s breathing ability like general anesthesia does. When our kid’s dentist treats patients undergoing IV sedation, a team of trained professionals monitors children’s vitals and responsiveness continuously to ensure a safe and relaxing experience. Each dose is carefully determined to suit the unique needs of each child.

What are the benefits of sedation dentistry?

There are many benefits to receiving sedation. Our pediatric dentist understands the need for providing top-notch care to our patients without compromising a child’s level of comfort. Children with gag reflexes or those with fears of dental treatment can receive the highest quality care without negative memories and experiences associated with common procedures and treatments. Since patients rest peacefully during treatment, they will not have memories that may exacerbate previous uneasiness. Those who have difficulty remaining still during treatment also benefit from IV sedation. Since sedation places children in a sleep-like state, our team can provide care without obstruction—which increases the quality of treatment.

How do I know if my child will benefit from sedation?

If you wonder if IV sedation is right for your child’s needs, we recommend that you discuss this treatment option with a member of our team. A pediatric dentist at our practice will be able to answer your questions and provide expert insight.

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Sedation Dentistry: Will my child remember anything?

IV sedation kids dentistIf your child requires a dental procedure where intravenous sedation is necessary, you likely have some questions. Our team offers IV sedation for children with special needs and those undergoing lengthy or complex procedures. Sedative medication has a number of benefits for promoting comfort and relaxation, and when administered intravenously, the dosage and its effects throughout treatment is highly controlled by our kids’ dentist. IV sedation places children in a sleep-like state and therefore allows children to receive care without memories of their procedure, which helps reduce the likelihood of a boy or girl developing dental phobias.

Is IV Sedation Safe?

This method of administering sedation is very safe. Our staff has special training to oversee our patients’ care when under IV sedation. During procedures, vitals such as heart rate and respiratory rate are constantly monitored. Since medication is delivered through an IV, medication dosage is very accurate.  All medical personnel have pediatric CPR training as well as other emergency training to recognize potential problems and respond appropriately, if ever needed.

What are the benefits of intravenous sedation?

The first benefit of IV sedation is the fact that patients will be calm, still, and comfortable during treatment. When it comes to longer procedures, administering this type of medication is beneficial because it is difficult for children to remain still for prolonged amounts of time. By promoting stillness, patients will not be uncomfortable and our team will be able to perform treatment with precision and accuracy.

Sedative medication helps reduce feelings of panic and fear by temporarily stopping chemical reactions in the brain. It also induces diminished consciousness, which is ideal for ensuring a painless, comfortable experience. Depending on dosage and the unique situation of a patient, some children may have little to no recollection of their treatment.

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