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What causes tooth decay?

Children are incredibly susceptible to developing tooth decay. This is why pediatric dentistry focuses on preventing and treating tooth decay as early as possible to help preserve and protect oral tissue. Without treatment, tooth decay can develop into a systemic health issue. Studies have shown that untreated tooth decay among children can affect speech development, […]

Break These Bad Brushing Habits

Brushing your teeth is important at any age, including during one’s childhood. A child is very susceptible to developing dental caries (tooth decay) due to modern diets having too much sugar and inadequate oral hygiene. While brushing is important, brushing incorrectly does harm, too. Our children’s dentist offers preventive and restorative services through checkups, cleanings, […]

Sippy Cups and Dental Health

Sippy cups or training cups are a mainstay in many homes where toddlers reside. They are used to transition from nursing or bottle feeding to drinking (not sucking). Your pediatric dentist will be happy to discuss this with you. Some of the things you should know include: The best type of cup you should begin […]

5 Tips to Make Brushing Fun for Kids

Many parents are not aware that their child should have their first visit with the pediatric dentist at twelve months of age. Even though your child is still a toddler and may have only had their baby teeth for a few months, this early exam is important to observe any unusual or serious oral conditions […]

Lessen the Impact of Dental Emergencies With These Tips

A dental emergency can having lasting consequences for your child’s smile if you don’t act promptly to address the situation. Your first step should be scheduling an appointment with a children’s emergency dentist for any necessary professional treatment. However, there are also a few things that you can do at home to manage a dental […]

Oral Health for Toddlers: How can I protect my child’s teeth?

It’s never too early to take steps to protect your child’s smile, so conscientious parents will want to know how to best care for the oral health of children throughout their early years. For toddlers, whose baby teeth have erupted, this means establishing the foundation of lifelong good oral hygiene practices. Kid’s dental care differs […]

Is Your Child’s Diet Tooth Friendly?

With the immediate availability of prepared foods and snacks, it may have become more difficult to monitor what your child consumes. But it is critically important to their overall and dental health to watch what they eat and drink, make sure they are brushing and flossing every day and visiting your children’s dentist every six […]

Why are the primary teeth so important?

Primary teeth are also known as deciduous, milk, or baby teeth. Your baby’s teeth actually begin forming in the womb, and usually start to erupt around six months of age. Over the next three years twenty baby teeth will come in. Your child should see a children’s dentist starting at twelve months of age. This […]