Does my child really need dental checkups every six months?

Fort Worth pediatric dentistChildhood dental care is incredibly important. Not only are children very susceptible to dental caries (tooth decay), they also need routine checkups since their bodies are developing rapidly. Moreover, children will undergo tooth transition—the phase of development where baby teeth fall out and are slowly replaced by permanent adult teeth. Routine visits to a pediatric dentist can help your child establish good oral health, prevent disease, and correct potential issues as soon as possible.

What Parents Need to Know About Dental Checkups

Dental checkups, especially those for children, are very comprehensive. A checkup involves more than just evaluating the health of teeth and gums. While assessing the health of teeth and gums is incredibly important, there are a myriad of other potential issues and conditions a pediatric dentist will look for. During checkups, our team will evaluate the health of the occlusion (the way that the jaws and teeth line up), emerging adult teeth, and the density and size of jawbones.

A child’s checkup can reveal congenital issues and developmental issues as well as common conditions like tooth decay and gum disease. In almost all cases, early detection of disease and abnormalities yields conservative and cost-effective treatment.

Dental Cleanings Are Important, Too

In addition to scheduling bi-annual checkups with our pediatric dentist, a child should receive two cleanings a year. Professional cleanings are non-invasive. The purpose of a cleaning is to remove harmful substances like tartar, clean thoroughly between teeth and along the gums, and polish teeth. A cleaning is also a great time for your child to learn more about the importance of oral hygiene.

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New City, New Dentist: What to Look for in a Dental Provider

pediatric dentist Fort WorthMoving to a new city can be both invigorating and stressful. While your future is full of possibilities, there is a seemingly endless list of to-dos. From finding a new place of worship to having all your mail forwarded to your new address, moving is certainly a massive undertaking. Finding a new dental provider should be on your list of moving to-dos. Whether you need a general dentist or a specialist such as a pediatric dentist or periodontist, the following tips should help you in your search for the dental practitioner that is right for your needs.  

Search Online

For many folks, one of the easiest ways to search for a new dentist is to do so online. Simply type your location or neighborhood and the type of provider you need into a search engine like Google. For example, your search might look this way: “pediatric dentist Dallas”. The first few pages of search engine results should give you a decent amount of listings to work with. At this point, you can visit websites for dental practices to learn more about its doctors, technology, and services. Dental websites can contain a wealth of helpful information along with downloadable patient forms to streamline your first visit.

Make a List of Potential Providers

After you have perused a list of dental providers in your area and browsed their websites, make a list of the practices that appeal to you the most. Try to keep your list short but long enough to leave you with options for making your first appointment since some practices might not have room for new patients.

Call Dental Practices

Once your list is made, call each practice. Ask any questions about services and treatments that you feel are necessary. At this point, it is important to check if the practice you are calling takes your dental insurance, if you have any.

After calling practices, you should be able to whittle your list down to one or two contenders. Remember, you can always switch providers after your first appointment if a practice doesn’t seem like the right fit.

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