Tips to Prepare Your Child for the First Dental Appointment

kids dentist fort worthIdeally, your child should have his or her first dental appointment by the first birthday. This will help acclimate a child to the process. Success at the dentist’s office begins with the type of dentist you choose.

When the first professional that your child interacts with is a kid’s dentist, your child will receive specialized care that considers the unique needs of the pediatric patient. They’ll use techniques and terminology that are targeted to a child’s experience and understanding. The dentist will show the child any instruments that will be used during the appointment and demonstrate how they are used, as well.

A kid’s dentist also will feature pint-sized amenities, like chairs, tables and aprons. This will make the child feel more comfortable in the environment and make it less frightening for them. You and your child are welcome to tour our office before the appointment to establish some familiarity.

There are steps that you can take as a parent to make sure that the experience is a positive one for your child. Stay in the room while the dentist is examining your child, so that you can be there to comfort him or her if necessary.

As children get older and enter toddlerhood, they may express some reluctance about going to the dentist, even if it is a kid’s dentist. If this happens, you can calm any fears that they may have by being open and honest with them about the process. If you have any dental fears of your own, it’s best to get those under control before approaching the subject with your child.

Take care to reassure your child that the dentist will take good care of them and explain clearly what they can expect from the appointment, making sure not to make it sound too scary. Remember, a positive early relationship with the dentist can set the stage for a lifetime of good oral health. If you have any specific questions or concerns about your child’s dental appointment, feel free to call our office at Fort Worth Children’s Dentistry and speak to one of our experienced professionals for their advice.

Will my child need a dental crown after root canal treatment?

childrens root canal Fort WorthEven a child may need a root canal if a tooth is so severely damaged by decay or injury that its inner core could be exposed to harmful bacteria. A children’s root canal is rather similar to the procedure that an adult patient would undergo. This includes the placement of a dental crown on the targeted tooth to protect it from breaking after the root canal.

A children’s root canal leaves the tooth more susceptible to breakage, so a dental crown can help to strengthen the tooth to reduce the risk of this outcome and the further treatment that it would necessitate. The process of placing a crown is also the same in a pediatric patient as it is in an adult one.

The pediatric dentist will request the crown to be designed specifically to fit on your child’s tooth. When the crown is ready, it will be bonded to the tooth.

Rest assured that this entire treatment process should not result in significant discomfort for your child. Your child should experience no more pain from a root canal than he or she would when having a cavity filled. An experienced pediatric dentist will thoroughly explain all of the steps in the process and work to ease any anxiety that your child may have about the treatment.

Similarly, your child should not have any pain associated with the process of placing the crown on the tooth. This is a simple restoration and does not require any sort of invasive procedure.

The purpose of a root canal is preserving a child’s natural tooth, whether to avoid the negative consequences of premature primary tooth loss or to save a permanent tooth that has already erupted and been damaged. A dental crown is an additional step that helps to achieve this goal after a root canal.

Call our office today to speak to our child’s dentist to learn more about this aspect of treatment and to ask any questions you may have.