Toothache: When is it time to visit the dentist?

children’s dentist Tarrant countyTeeth are like other parts of our body. When a person experiences pain, it is normally a sign that something is wrong. The same principle is true for a toothache. If tooth pain is present, the tooth is likely infected. A cavity is the result of bacteria eating through the surfaces of teeth, and when the cavity deepens, it will produce discomfort. This is why it is important to set up an examination with our children’s dentist as soon as painful symptoms occur. We offer a number of pediatric dentistry services to help prevent the development of tooth decay and restore teeth damaged by infections.

Will cavities heal on their own?

Although other tissues in the body can self-heal, teeth are different. Once they are damaged below the enamel surface, the cavity will only deepen. This is why professional treatment is required to restore the tooth’s structures and prevent further damage. The most common method that our children’s dentist uses to repair damage done by decay is through placing a filling. Fillings are small restorations that protects teeth from further decay. Placing a filling is minimally invasive and we will administer a local anesthetic to ensure that our patients are comfortable throughout treatment.

Are there preventive dentistry treatments available?

In addition to providing restorations, we do offer preventive treatment that helps reduce the risk of developing decay while strengthening teeth. One method for preventing decay is for children to receive regular professional cleanings. During cleanings, our hygienists can look for signs of enamel loss and remove substances that contribute to dental caries like tartar and plaque. Other preventive services include dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Sealants help prevent cavities from forming on the biting surfaces of teeth while fluoride treatments strengthen tooth enamel.

Children should receive two cleanings every year and an annual checkup. We offer a family-friendly environment that is welcoming and serene. To reserve an appointment with our children’s dentist, call our office at your convenience.

Sedation Dentistry: Will my child remember anything?

IV sedation kids dentistIf your child requires a dental procedure where intravenous sedation is necessary, you likely have some questions. Our team offers IV sedation for children with special needs and those undergoing lengthy or complex procedures. Sedative medication has a number of benefits for promoting comfort and relaxation, and when administered intravenously, the dosage and its effects throughout treatment is highly controlled by our kids’ dentist. IV sedation places children in a sleep-like state and therefore allows children to receive care without memories of their procedure, which helps reduce the likelihood of a boy or girl developing dental phobias.

Is IV Sedation Safe?

This method of administering sedation is very safe. Our staff has special training to oversee our patients’ care when under IV sedation. During procedures, vitals such as heart rate and respiratory rate are constantly monitored. Since medication is delivered through an IV, medication dosage is very accurate.  All medical personnel have pediatric CPR training as well as other emergency training to recognize potential problems and respond appropriately, if ever needed.

What are the benefits of intravenous sedation?

The first benefit of IV sedation is the fact that patients will be calm, still, and comfortable during treatment. When it comes to longer procedures, administering this type of medication is beneficial because it is difficult for children to remain still for prolonged amounts of time. By promoting stillness, patients will not be uncomfortable and our team will be able to perform treatment with precision and accuracy.

Sedative medication helps reduce feelings of panic and fear by temporarily stopping chemical reactions in the brain. It also induces diminished consciousness, which is ideal for ensuring a painless, comfortable experience. Depending on dosage and the unique situation of a patient, some children may have little to no recollection of their treatment.

We provide a nurturing and kid-friendly environment so that our young patients are comfortable in our care. To learn more about our kids’ dentist, IV sedation, or the services we offer, call Fort Worth Children’s Dentistry at 817-569-6633.