Common Dental Emergencies in Children

childrens emergency dentistAccidents happen, especially with children. A tooth can be broken or knocked loose during recess or PE, or an underlying dental problem can suddenly creep up causing a need for immediate care. Going to the dentist is hard enough for a child under normal circumstances for routine care such as professional cleanings and checkups, so knowing a qualified children’s emergency dentist is available when needed, can make a world of difference in the treatment experience for both the child and the parents alike.

A true dental emergency typically involves visible damage to the teeth or mouth, such as a tooth that is knocked loose or completely knocked out. Other emergencies may involve a chipped, cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged tooth. When a tooth is loose, if there is no trauma or damage to the surrounding gum tissue, there may be little or no bleeding. In the case of a tooth that is knocked out, there may be significant bleeding which can make the situation scarier for children and parents. It’s important to stay calm and gather as much information as possible to help the children’s emergency dentist act quickly and hopefully preserve the tooth.

If a tooth is knocked out completely, and it can be found, avoid touching the roots of the tooth. Holding the tooth by the crown only, rinse with water and place the tooth in a cup with milk. If the tooth is broken, and the broken pieces can be found, do the same as for a knocked out tooth. Do NOT wash the tooth with soap or toothpaste, even if it’s dirty; let the kid’s dentist do that. If you do not have regular dairy milk, place the tooth in a glass of clean water. Do NOT use non-dairy milk as a substitute in this case. Contact the dentist immediately and prepare to bring the child and tooth into the office.

For emergencies, our pediatric dentists are available 24 hours a day, ready to help preserve teeth and bring comfort to children in these unfortunate situations. For more information on kid’s dental emergencies and other services, call 817-569-6633 and speak to one of our caring dentistry specialists today!