Healthy Dental Habits your Child Should Follow

childrens dentist Tarrant countyGood oral health is just as important for children as it is for their parents. Therefore, you should teach your child good dental habits at an early age.

Cavity prevention is particularly important for children, as tooth decay is one of the most prevalent childhood diseases. Just as is the case with adults, thorough brushing and flossing is the cornerstone of reducing the risk of tooth decay.

Children as young as three years old may be capable of brushing their own teeth with some assistance, such as the parent putting the toothpaste on the brush. Of course, parents may still need to check the child’s mouth afterward to make sure that no spots were missed. The parent may need to continue to do some brushing until the child demonstrates the ability to brush independently.

In very young children, flossing may be unnecessary, but parents should have a children’s dentist demonstrate proper flossing technique whenever the child has two teeth that touch each other.

It’s also essential for your child to establish a good relationship with a dentist. A specialist in pediatric dentistry is well-attuned to the dental problems often faced by children. Furthermore, when your child visits the dentist every six months, it helps to reinforce a positive working relationship.

Parents should take their children to see a children’s dentist no later than their first birthday. This allows the dentist to evaluate the child early and monitor the child for any potentially problematic issues.

Maintaining a healthy diet and limiting sweet treats is also a good dental habit for your child, and it promotes overall health as well.

Keep in mind that what’s good for your child is good for you, too. When you keep good oral hygiene habits, you also serve as a good role model for your child.

If you have any questions about your child’s oral hygiene routine and healthy dental habits, ask your pediatric dentist for advice and suggestions. Remember when your child establishes a solid oral hygiene routine and oral care at Fort Worth Children’s Dentistry at a young age, the benefits will continue for years to come.

What should I do if my child chips a tooth?

children's emergency dentistChildren can encounter a number of dental emergencies that have potential long-term implications if they are not treated properly. One of the most common reasons that parents bring their sons or daughters to see a children’s emergency dentist is for a chipped tooth.

If your child does chip a tooth, it’s important to have him examined by a children’s emergency dentist as soon as possible, even if the damage appears to be minor. You still want to be sure that the tooth hasn’t suffered any significant harm that would require an intervention.  

If your child does chip a tooth, it’s important to have him examined by a children’s emergency dentist as soon as possible, even if the damage appears to be minor. 

Even a small chip or crack could have lasting consequences for your child’s oral health. There could be an opening that’s invisible to the naked eye but still allows oral bacteria to enter the tooth’s sensitive inner core and cause an infection.

There are some steps that parents should take at home before getting to the dentist, too. First, rinse out your child’s mouth. If any swelling is present, you can reduce it with an ice bag or cold compress. If possible, preserve the tooth fragment and bring it with you to the dental appointment in case it can be re-attached.

The dentist will thoroughly examine your child and either re-attach the tooth fragment, if it is available and that treatment is feasible, or re-contour the tooth to remove any jagged edges or perhaps use a bonding material to fill in the empty space in cases of relatively large chips.

The dentist will also give you instructions for caring for the tooth at home after it is treated. Your child may need to make adjustments to his or her daily routine for just a few days after the tooth is repaired, depending on the intervention used.

The key to dealing with any kind of dental emergency, including a chipped tooth, is to have a plan in advance so that you can know what to do if and when the situation arises. Call 817-569-6633 to consult with our pediatric dentist if you should ever have an emergency with your child.