How often should my child visit the dentist?

childrens dentist tarrant countyIdeally your child should have their first visit to the children’s dentist at around the age of twelve months. Children have enough primary teeth at this stage for an exam to be beneficial.

Many parents mistakenly believe that since baby teeth will eventually be replaced, there is no reason for their youngster to visit the dentist. However, these primary teeth pave the way for the permanent teeth so their care and health is critical as your child ages.

These very early visits to the children’s dentist can serve multiple purposes. Any oral condition that is present can be diagnosed early on. This is also a perfect opportunity for parents to ask questions about care.  Your dentist can educate on dental health; correct food and beverage choices; how to brush and floss your child’s teeth; how often your child should see the dentist.

Pediatric dentistry can be a crucial asset when treatment is needed for your child. When a child is nervous or anxious, these individuals are trained to deal with this situation. They can put your child at ease making care easier both for the child and the parent.

Caring for your child’s teeth starts in the womb. Their teeth are forming even though they might not be visible until they are four to six months of age. The best thing you can do as teeth begin to break through gum tissue is to clean gums and teeth with a soft damp cloth daily.

Brushing and flossing your baby’s teeth can start as soon as teeth erupt; brush with just a very small amount of tooth paste geared toward infants (it won’t harm them if swallowed) and gently floss between their teeth daily. During your child’s first dental visit at twelve months, treatment will likely consist of a brief exam. The idea is to familiarize your child with visiting the dentist; if their first visit is due to repairing decay or having a tooth extracted, their dental visits may be tainted making subsequent dental visits traumatic.

Ask your dentist to recommend how often your child should see the dentist. Based on your child’s dental condition, suggestions can run anywhere from every three months to the more standard every six months. Your child’s dental health can be impacted by so much, with you playing a crucial role by the care you provide.

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Harmful Effects of Soda on Teeth

pediatric dentist tarrant countyThere are many aspects of soda that make it an undesirable beverage especially for children. Soda’s primary ingredient of sugar leads to dental decay not to mention unwanted weight gain. Visits to the pediatric dentist should be initiated starting at the age of 12 months, and then consistently kept every six months. However, these visits should be for check-ups … hopefully not to repair decayed teeth.

Another significant drawback to drinking soda pop (regular or sugar free) is the impact it can have on dental enamel. The acid content (acid is what gives soda its carbonation) can eat away at this protective covering on teeth; and once enamel is gone, it cannot be replaced. 

The acid content (acid is what gives soda its carbonation) can eat away at this protective covering on teeth; and once enamel is gone, it cannot be replaced.

The solution seems very simple. Just discontinue consuming these carbonated beverages. There are many more healthy drinks to substitute, with the ideal beverage being water. But for many (especially youngsters), water is viewed as flavorless and boring. Many turn to sports drinks or juice, but in many cases these can contain as much sugar as soda and are not the optimum alternative.

Children and teens are out of sight so much of the time, it is impossible to monitor their food and beverage consumption 24/7. So education is the key. Make sure your children understand that soda consumption can be harmful to their health and dentition; and that their teeth must last for their lifetime. If they are riddled with decay or enamel wears away, the kid’s dentist will be a regular fixture. This might be a message your child will understand especially if they have experienced having a cavity repaired.

Part of that education might be the best ways to protect their teeth because you know they will likely be drinking soda at least occasionally. Encourage them to use a straw so most of the beverage will bypass the teeth. Tell them to swallow right away – don’t swish soda around their mouth. And lastly, if they are going to drink soda, rinse after consumption with plain water (brushing should be delayed as the acids in soda can soften the enamel); brushing too soon can do damage to dental enamel.

Your pediatric dentist can be a wonderful asset when it comes to educating your children on the harmful effects soda can have on their teeth; early visits can mean early education for your entire family. Call 817-569-6633 to schedule an appointment today.