When do children lose their first tooth?

Fort Worth pediatric dentistWhen discussing this topic, there is not an exact answer. Speaking in generalities, most children will lose their first baby tooth at age five or six, but some may not until age seven. There are many factors to consider such as the age of the baby when their first primary tooth erupted. Concerns regarding your child’s teeth can be addressed to the pediatric dentist; it is advisable to schedule that first appointment around your child’s first birthday.

Children usually follow the same pattern for losing their baby teeth as the sequence they came in. The lower front teeth usually come in first, and are the first to fall out. Children will get twenty primary teeth, ten on top and ten on the bottom. 

Children usually follow the same pattern for losing their baby teeth as the sequence they came in. 

This first set of teeth paves the way for the permanent teeth, making their care very important. This is why parents are urged to have their toddlers see the pediatric dentist at around 12 months of age. If there are any problems with the child’s teeth, this is the perfect opportunity to get their dental issues diagnosed and a treatment plan put into place.

The pattern of tooth loss can be disrupted if the child experiences trauma resulting in premature tooth loss. A fall or accident can have this result. Basically, however, if the normal process occurs, the roots of baby teeth will dissolve allowing for the teeth to become loose. In most cases, the child will wiggle the tooth for days before it pops out.

Many years ago, it was not uncommon for parents to tie a piece of thread or string around a loose tooth and pull it out when it became loose. This action is discouraged today … if the root is still holding onto the tooth, pulling it out in this fashion can cause discomfort. While there may be no negative result from this action, removing teeth this way may result in unnecessary angst and anxiety. Many patients seek the aid of their pediatric dentist to remove baby teeth that seem problematic.

The child’s permanent teeth will commonly follow the loss of their baby teeth. However, some children may not have lost all their baby teeth when their adult teeth start to erupt. There is usually no concern about this, but a consult with your child’s dentist will confirm your best course of action.

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