Good Dental Health Starts Early

Did you realize that children should have their first dental appointment by their first birthday? Many patients do not since the child is far from having a set of completely erupted teeth at that point. Nonetheless, getting your child established with a pediatric dentist at an early age will help to set the stage for good oral health throughout childhood and beyond.

Children are very susceptible to tooth decay, so it’s important for a child to see a kid’s dentist at a young age. This gives the dentist ample opportunity to monitor any changes in the child’s teeth or gums that may indicate a significant problem. It also helps to establish a dental home for your child, as this dentist will be able to follow your child’s case until adulthood.

It’s also good for a child to get into a routine of going to the dentist. A kid’s dentist is likely to recommend that a patient visit every six months, just like his or her parents do – and for the same reason. Regular checkups help the dentist spot troubling symptoms earlier, whenever the problem is more treatable. Furthermore, routine dental appointments can help your child become more familiar with the dentist and dental team, easing any fears or anxieties about the process.

Of course, good dental health doesn’t just happen in the dentist’s office. What you do at home to keep teeth clean is just as important. Your pediatric dentist can educate you on what you need to do to care for your child’s teeth, and when your child will be able to take over some of his or her own oral hygiene routine.

Parents should also monitor their children’s diet to make sure they’re getting the right nutrition for healthy strong teeth. Limit sugary treats to cut the risk of cavities.

The dentist can also make recommendations on interventions such as fluoride treatments or sealants, which can be beneficial in protecting children’s teeth.

Even very young children can benefit from dental exams, so be sure to have your child see a dentist early and keep up with regular checkups afterward.

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